7 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins in 2023

Having a contact form on your WordPress website helps visitors reach you whenever they have feedback and questions about your project or business.

Thankfully, there are many contact form plugins to create a form in WordPress quickly and easily without needing any coding or web design experience.

This article will show you the seven best WordPress form plugins to choose from and why you need to use a contact form.

Top 7 WordPress Contact Form Plugins

With so many WordPress form plugins on the market, it can be challenging to pick the one that best suits your needs. That’s why we’ve collected the seven best options you can start using right away.

1. WPForms

WPForms, one of the best plugins to create WordPress contact forms.

WPForms Stats:

  • Downloads: 5,000,000+
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Notable features: drag-and-drop interface, file uploads, unlimited forms
  • Best suited for: beginners who want to create a form fast
  • Price: freemium

WPForms is one of the best plugins used to create WordPress contact forms. The plugin offers pre-built form templates, so users don’t need to know how to create a WordPress contact form from scratch. It also includes a drag-and-drop form builder to help beginners easily create custom forms in no time.

Moreover, this user-friendly form plugin has the file uploads feature to collect user-submitted content. Site owners can also easily view the uploaded files from inside their WordPress admin panel.

Here are some other benefits of using WPForms:

  • Spam protection – this WordPress plugin utilizes CAPTCHA and spam protection to prevent spam form submissions.
  • Unlimited contact forms – with WPForms, users are free to create and use as many forms as they need.
  • Responsive WPForms’s form templates are responsive by default, meaning that your contact forms will look great on any type of device.

This contact form plugin also comes with premium plans that start at $39.50/year. Consider choosing the premium version to easily manage every form submission in the WordPress dashboard and have the ability to create payment forms.

2. Ninja Forms

Ninjaforms WordPress plugin banner

Ninja Forms Stats:

  • Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Notable features: manage form submissions in one place, checkbox list fields, quote request forms
  • Best suited for: users who wish to access their form submissions from their WordPress dashboard
  • Price: freemium

Ninja Forms is a contact form plugin with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor to make simple contact forms without hassle. It includes a wide range of fields that users can utilize to create advanced forms.

This form builder lets you efficiently manage multiple contact forms in one place. Furthermore, Ninja Forms stores form submissions in your database, making them accessible from your WordPress dashboard and ensuring that you won’t lose any leads.

Ninja Forms also uses basic styling of your website theme to make the contact forms blend in with your website.

The free version of Ninja Forms includes other features, like:

  • Checkbox list field – this WordPress plugin comes with checkboxes, letting site owners add a list of options to their form.
  • Quote-request form template – users can add a quote request form to their WordPress website. This lets potential customers contact them to get pricing information for their products or services.
  • Favorite fields – website owners can save modified form fields as favorites, making it easier to reuse the forms.

If you wish to get more advanced features like getting a custom Slack notification each time a form is submitted, consider purchasing one of Ninja Forms’s premium plans, ranging between $49.50/year and $249.50/year.

3. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7, a free contact form plugin for WordPress.

Contact Form 7 Stats:

  • Downloads: 5,000,000+
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Notable features: ready-to-use contact forms, CAPTCHA support, drop-down menus
  • Best suited for: site owners who want to add a contact form immediately after activating the plugin
  • Price: free

Contact Form 7 is a popular WordPress plugin with over five million active installations. It’s packed with a default form, ready to be inserted into any post or page right after activation.

This is a free WordPress contact form plugin also offers a selection of fields to expand its pre-built contact form. That said, since Contact Form 7 has no customization options, users need to add custom CSS to style their form.

Contact Form 7 comes with other features, such as:

  • CAPTCHA support – to avoid spam form submissions, this free WordPress form plugin uses reCAPTCHA to check whether a form submission is from a human or spam bot.
  • Subscribers-only mode – Contact Form 7 provides the ability to create a form specifically for logged-in site members. It can also display a message informing visitors that a login is required to submit the contact form.
  • Drop-down menus – site owners can use a drop-down menu to let visitors pick an option to submit with the form.

Unlike other plugins in this list, Contact Form 7 doesn’t have a premium version.

4. Calculated Fields Form

WordPress form plugin Calculated Fields Form.

Calculated Fields Form Stats:

  • Downloads: 60,000+
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Notable features: calculated fields, multi-page forms, validation rules
  • Best suited for: business owners who wish to create forms with calculated fields
  • Price: freemium

If you’re looking for a tool with all the features to create both simple and complex forms, Calculated Fields Form is the best contact form plugin for you.

Coming with a visual form builder, Calculated Fields Form lets you add, edit, and remove fields without hassle.

This WordPress plugin also provides fields to create multi-page forms, which can be helpful for those who want to include terms and conditions in their form.

Another pro of this WordPress contact form plugin is its built-in calculated fields like product and service prices, times ranges, and distance between addresses.

The free version of Calculated Fields Form provides other features like:

  • Dependent fields – users can create a dependent field that appears based on the value entered in another field on the contact form.
  • Validation rules – this form builder lets you specify the validation rules people have to follow when filling out your form. For instance, if you ask for a phone number, you can make sure that people can only submit valid numbers.
  • Documentation – Calculated Fields Form has detailed documentation to help users better understand all features and settings of this plugin.

Calculated Fields Form can be used for free, but it also has a premium version that starts at €49.99. This option includes the ability to send an auto-reply to the user who filled in the form.

5. Forminator

Forminator, a WordPress contact form plugin.

Forminator Stats:

  • Downloads: 200,000+
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Notable features: payment form, time and date picker fields, quizzes
  • Best suited for: people who want to create WordPress payment forms
  • Price: freemium

Forminator is a free form builder plugin with a drag-and-drop builder and other essential features to create visually appealing WordPress forms.

It includes Stripe and PayPal integration by default, making it one of the best contact form plugins for taking payments or donations. Meanwhile, most free contact form plugins offer this feature with their premium versions.

Furthermore, Forminator lets users include time and date picker fields in their forms. This can be useful to create schedule forms, allowing visitors to choose a date and time for their online appointments.

Here are other features that come built-in with this WordPress plugin:

  • Quizzes – site owners can add entertaining quizzes to their site to engage visitors and make them stay longer.
  • User-registration form – with this WordPress contact form plugin, users can create a custom user registration form to match their branding.
  • Polls – use Forminator to create interactive polls with dynamic options and settings to collect visitors’ opinions and feedback.

If you want to accept subscription and recurring payments, consider choosing Forminator Pro plans, starting at $24.17/month.

6. HappyForms

HappyForms, a freemium plugins for creating contact forms on WordPress sites.

HappyForms Stats:

  • Downloads: 40,000+
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Notable features: short and long answer fields, analytics, email support
  • Best suited for: users who wish to track their forms’ performance
  • Price: freemium

HappyForms is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins that’s user-friendly and reliable. Unlike other plugins in this list, this form builder uses the default WordPress customizer for forms instead of a custom interface.

This WordPress form builder plugin makes it easy for users to duplicate forms and add multiple to the same page. Furthermore, it lets you preview the form as you build it.

Creating a simple contact form with HappyForms comes with other benefits, including:

  • Short and long answer fields – short answer fields can be used for simple single-line responses like users’ first names, while long answer fields are suitable for large amounts of text, such as feedback or comment boxes.
  • Analytics – HappyForms provides an analytics dashboard with metrics like abandonment rates, letting site owners track and analyze their forms’ performance.
  • Support – this plugin offers a help guide and email support to help you fix any errors.

If you want more features than the free version offers, upgrade to the pro version – its prices range between $53.80/year and $283.60/year.

7. Formidable Form

Formidable Forms, a WordPress contact form plugin.

Formidable Stats:

  • Downloads: 300,000+
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Notable features: import and export features, WooCommerce support, email autoresponders
  • Best suited for: site owners who want to move their forms to other sites easily
  • Price: freemium

One of the best contact form plugins you should consider is Formidable Forms. With this tool, users are able to create a basic contact form as well as dynamic forms that may change based on the input.

Moreover, Formidable Forms lets users create surveys with Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and star ratings. This WordPress plugin also includes reports with graphs, making it easy to examine data from the forms. Plus, it’s possible to showcase the charts in posts or pages.

In addition, Formidable Forms comes with import and export features, allowing users to transfer forms, styles, and entries to other websites.

Here are other advantages of choosing Formidable Forms:

  • WooCommerce support – this plugin includes WooCommerce integration, letting users add a custom WooCommerce form to their product pages with ease.
  • Email autoresponders – Formidable Forms can automatically respond to people who enter information through your contact form by sending them confirmation emails.
  • Employee-referral form – use this form template to let your business’s employees refer their friends and family to work for you.

However, some features like file uploads and multi-page forms are only available with Formidable Forms’s pro plans that range between $39.50/year and $299.50/year. In contrast, these functions are included with other contact form plugins in this list.

Why Use a Contact Form

With a WordPress contact form, site owners can allow visitors to send them a message by simply filling it out and submitting it. This way, they don’t have to reveal their email address on their WordPress site, protecting themselves from scams and phishing emails.

Another benefit of using contact forms is building your email marketing list by collecting email addresses visitors enter in the contact form.

Here are some other reasons to add a contact form:

  • 24/7 availability – providing contact forms on your WordPress website gives a sense of assurance to visitors that they can get in touch with you any time they want.
  • Attach files with ease – many contact form plugins allow you to include a file upload field, so visitors can easily attach files to the form.
  • Convenience – featuring a contact form on most web pages helps visitors contact the site owners immediately without spending time looking for an email address or phone number.
  • Increased site credibility – a contact form can make a site look more professional. It shows that the website owner is interested in doing business with potential clients and takes visitors’ feedback seriously.
  • Automate email responses – users can send an automated email to visitors who submit a form to get in touch right away.


Adding a contact form to your site is an excellent way to let visitors reach you immediately without revealing your email address. Doing this also helps to make your site look more professional, increasing its credibility.

With the help of a WordPress contact form builder, it’s possible to create a form without using any code. Simply install a plugin, create a contact form, customize it, and embed it in your website.

Here are the seven best WordPress contact form plugins you should consider:

  • WPForms – includes a drag-and-drop form builder to help beginners create contact forms fast and easily.
  • Ninja Forms – stores form submissions in your database and makes them accessible from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Contact Form 7 – a popular plugin that allows to create free contact forms.
  • Calculated Fields Form – has form validation rules and calculated fields by default.
  • Forminator – lets business owners create payment forms as it includes Stripe and PayPal integration.
  • HappyForms – provides analytics to let you analyze the performance of your forms.
  • Formidable Form – comes with import and export features, allowing site owners to move their forms to a different website.

We hope this article has helped you find the best WordPress form plugin to create your first contact form.

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