Save Time On VPS Setup With New OpenLiteSpeed VPS Templates 

Save Time On VPS Setup With New OpenLiteSpeed VPS Templates˙

Setting up a VPS can take plenty of time and effort, even if you’ve got experience.

This is where VPS templates come in handy. They’re packaged with a pre-configured operating system, web framework, and security settings, so you won’t have to set up the VPS from scratch. 

We’re excited to announce three new VPS templates, all powered by OpenLiteSpeed. With popular web frameworks like Node.js, Rails, and Django, building your VPS-based project will be much more seamless. 

What Makes VPS Templates So Powerful?

Whether you’re new or experienced in server management, VPS templates offer many benefits. You can:

  • Save time. With a VPS template, configuring your server only takes a few clicks. Simply choose an operating system with a web framework, and you can immediately work on your project. 
  • Have a readily optimized and secure environment for your websites. Since all the software and security features are set up by default, there’s less chance of errors and making your sites vulnerable. 
  • Customize your server to your needs. When it comes to processes like SSL certificate installation or automated script deployment, VPS users usually need to set them up manually. A template makes all these much more effortless, as you will have a piece of software ready to do it for you. 
  • Ensure consistency between multiple servers. VPS templates are easy to replicate, so you can use one for all your servers, simplifying their management. 

In short, templates offer ease of use without sacrificing the flexibility of a VPS. Check out our VPS plans and see which one fits your needs.

Get Better Speed and Security With OpenLiteSpeed

The new release of OpenLiteSpeed VPS templates provides the perks we’ve mentioned and more.

OpenLiteSpeed is the open-source version of LiteSpeed, a top-performing web server. You can expect a faster loading time and better scalability with its built-in cache and automatic Google PageSpeed Insights optimization.

It’s got better website security, too. OpenLiteSpeed includes anti-DDoS connection, bandwidth throttling, and ModSecurity V3 integration – an open-source web application firewall. 

Node.js – Leader of Web Development Frameworks

According to a Stack Overflow survey, Node.js is the most widely-used web framework among developers. Google Trends also shows rising search volumes for it over the past two years, indicating a higher general interest in learning it.

Google Trends results showing a rising interest in learning Node.js, a web framework for developing websites

This is not surprising. Node.js is based on JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages on the market. Furthermore, it’s powered by Google Chrome’s V8 engine – it is high-performing and stable, letting you develop and deliver products faster.

Pairing Node.js with OpenLiteSpeed will give our developer clients the VPS technologies they need to build successful and high-performing websites. 

How to Install an OpenLiteSpeed VPS Template

Important! If you’re already using a VPS template, make sure to download backups before following this tutorial. Changing your current template will permanently delete all the content of your VPS.

All OpenLiteSpeed VPS templates are free and easy to install. All you need to do is go to hPanel and open your VPS dashboard. From there, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Operating System page from the sidebar. 
  2. On the Change Your Operating System section, select OS with Control Panel and choose one of the OpenLiteSpeed templates.
How to change your VPS operating system on hPanel, with the new OpenLiteSpeed VPS templates highlighted
  1. Click Change OS, and your VPS is ready to go!

Choose the Most Suitable VPS Template for You

These new OpenLiteSpeed VPS templates will provide you with a powerful and user-friendly platform to host your chosen web framework. And at the same time, give your websites the best possible performance and security.

Together with these new releases, Hostinger now has over 40 VPS templates in our collection. Whether you’re looking for a template with a web framework or a hosting control panel, we’ve got you covered.

Need more help with your VPS?

Check out our VPS guides and make the most out of your server.

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