At Cascade Mountain School we believe students should be given a real-world context for their learning and be pushed to analyze and synthesize information to understand the world around them. At Cascade Mountain School, we offer a dynamic learning environment, one in which senses are enlivened and academics become relevant to daily life.

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About CMS

Cascade Mountain School is a residential STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) program for middle and high school students located in the Columbia River Gorge (an hour drive from Portland, Oregon).  Cascade Mountain School is dedicated to cultivating individual responsibility and personal growth; fostering creation of community and understanding of the natural world; and excelling in scientific inquiry, systems thinking, and sustainability studies.

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Crowd-Funding Campaign Launched to Support Semester School!

Crowd-Funding Campaign Launched to Support Semester School!

November 12th, 2014

We've just launched a 28-day Indiegogo Campaign to support Cascade Mountain School's pilot Semester [...]

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Oregon Episcopal Science Fair

In February, 4 students from last year’s Mt. Hood Science Camp competed in a...

Tamanawas Falls, Mt. Hood

Tamanawas Falls is a spectacular site, especially after you’ve been backpacking for...

STEM Education

At Cascade Mountain School, we teach interesting, relevant, and important science...

CMS to Partner with Mt. Adams Institute

Mt. Adams Institute and Cascade Mountain School Partner to Deliver STEM Programming in...

Sculpin Found in Hood River

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Bird Creek Meadows

One of our favorite campsites last year during the Klickitat Mountain to Mouth adventure...